The lack of follow-up of the established and committed actions is undoubtedly one of the most common obstacles that impede the development of a company and deeply wear down both the organization and its employees.

The inconsistency of follow-up is considered one of the processes that most affect the company, impacting not only on visible profits but also on what was left to win.

The purpose is to contribute to the organizational effectiveness and the achievement of better results through the systematic process of activating activities, causing a continuous effort towards its realization in pursuit of the achievement of commitments.

-Fulfillment of strategic plans converted into operational objectives.

-Kpi's that really support improvement processes.

-Investments in training that really generate results.

-Effective implementation of security programs.

-Recommendations of the audits fulfilled completely.

-Supervision of personnel at different levels, which promotes the best performance.

-What the work philosophy of the organization really live within this.

-Elimination of processes.

-Development of a culture of commitment.

-Improvement in the work climate.

- That the agreements compromised in the meetings and meetings of work be fulfilled in time and form.